Here’s what the experts had to say: “This movie is remarkable for a brilliant montage sequence at the very beginning…it is a masterclass in narrative exposition…” Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian   “If it had lived up to its golden first five minutes, Up would have been the film of the decade.” Ian Freer, Empire Magazine   Our first lesson is based on the critically-acclaimed silent scene near the beginning of “Up” where we see the story of a married life in less than 5 minutes. It’s brilliantly done, but be warned – it’s also a bit sad! There are three different exercises all based around vocabulary acquisition and students are asked to guess, remember and finally chat about themselves using what they’ve seen. We’ve included a detailed description of how we’ve been working on this last part with students so that they get the most out of the ensuing conversations. We hope you and your students enjoy it.

Here are the Teacher’s notes and the Student Worksheet.

Up Teacher’s Notes

Up Student Worksheet


6 Comments on “Up”

  1. tony says:

    Nice site.

    I’d like to try this as part of a class. Unfortunately the video has been blocked. Do you know where I could find this clip?

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