Nigella Kitchen

We’ve noticed that one of the topics that always goes down well with our students is food, and this lesson is based on a clip from NIgella Lawson’s BBC series Kitchen. If you haven’t heard of Nigella Lawson, you can find out about her here.

The lesson begins with the students talking about their favourite room at home, and then they watch a short clip of Nigella talking about her favourite room. After that, we move on to a couple of listening activities – first, the dishes she cooks (chocolate peanut butter cheesecake, anyone?), and then the ingredients she uses. Watch your students’ reactions when she eats the prawn at the end of the clip! Next up is some vocabulary work, and finally a speaking activity using this vocabulary and more. We hope you and your students enjoy it.

Nigella Kitchen Student Worksheet

Nigella Kitchen Teacher’s Notes


3 Comments on “Nigella Kitchen”

  1. Hi Steve,Check out my blog,you might be able to use it in class. 😉

  2. Leo says:

    This went down well with my female students 🙂

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