Pigeon Impossible

I love activities which really push students’ vocabulary skills to the limit and help make them more aware of what exactly they can and can’t do. With that in mind, this kind of back-to-back viewing activity in pairs is a great example and can be done with almost any piece of film. But of course it’s better if it’s action-packed or funny or, in this case, both….

Pigeon Impossible Teacher’s Notes


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  1. Eleni says:


  2. bealer81 says:

    Hi Steve and co,

    I’ve done this lesson three times recently. Each time was a success.
    I had the opportunity of doing it with just two students from one class last week. The amount of vocab was unreal. I took a photo of the board after and then for the next lesson, which i knew the same two students would come to plus others, I put all of the vocabulary onto pieces of paper. I paired the two students from the previous class with two students who hadn’t attended the lesson and they acted as my teaching assistants. Helping explain the vocab and give examples as well as revising the vocabulary at the same time. They would then demo the video telling first and then rate the other sts when they did theirs. There use of the vocab and there accuracy was such an improvement from the first lesson.
    At the end i paired them up and got them to write out the story using all the new vocab. i noticed from a quick glance that they were mixing tenses and therefore narrative tenses might be a good way to follow up that particular lesson. Anyway, just wanted to let you know how it went.
    Thanks for all the great lessons.

    • All.at.C says:

      Hi Adam,
      Thanks for coming by and commenting.
      It’s good to hear that the lesson was a success, and even better to hear about how you followed it up. I love the idea of getting your students to act as teaching assistants; after all, if you have to teach something, it’s one of the best ways, if not the best way, to show that you understand it. I think I’ll do the same next time next time I do pigeon impossible.

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