Eye in the Sky

Joe Cocker’s version of  “With a little help from my friends” is widely considered by music critics to be the greatest-ever cover version. For our first post of 2012, we ‘ve gone for a radical revision of “Eye in the Sky” by Noa, she of the hauntingly beautiful voice. The original, of course, was by The Alan Parsons Project. Which will your class prefer? There’s also a lovely lead-in to see how much attention you and your students actually pay to the lyrics of your favourite songs…

Eye In The Sky Teacher’s Notes


2 Comments on “Eye in the Sky”

  1. Leo says:

    My personal reaction would be a combination of two suggested chunks:)
    “Never thought much of the song but this is a nice version of it, hypnotic and beautiful. It makes me listen to the words. Nice and simple.”
    Now I need to think of the right moment to use it with the right students.

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