Storytelling at TESOL Spain 2013

Had a great time in Sevilla this weekend and all credit to the organisers of TESOL Spain for a fantastic conference.  And special thanks to all the people who came to my talk, both this weekend and in Madrid last month. You know who you are! This is a slightly shorter version but it includes all the main points and is my first experiment with PresentMe so comments welcome…


4 Comments on “Storytelling at TESOL Spain 2013”

  1. Alec Reid says:

    That was good and very interesting Tom, was PresentMe as easy to use as it says? I’ve not had a crack yet.

  2. […] Confession II, I skipped the next one to chat to Ted O’Neill and Donna Fields which was extremely instructive for me but not so much use to anyone reading this. Ted was still wearing socks with Birkenstocks, and worse, those socks had individual toe sections; I was continuing to overlook it. I hear my missed Steve Muir’s Food for Thought workshop was brilliant so here’s a link to his blog. […]

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