Crab Invasion

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In our third post this month, eggs get another mention, a word cloud makes another appearance, and there’s a focus on words with multiple meanings. This time we use footage from the BBC documentary series Wild Caribbean. In the clip we see a cast of crabs (or a consortium of crabs, according to some sources) travel from land to sea to lay their eggs. And this week there’s no boiling, scrambling, poaching, frying or chocolate eggs to make starving students faint with hunger during classes at lunch or dinner time.

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes.



2 Comments on “Crab Invasion”

  1. Linda says:

    Hi, this made for a great couple classes. I used it with a B1 class and a B2.1 class yesterday. I simplified the tasks for the B1 group, and made them some true / false questions to make it easier. The B2 group, pre-first cert did it all quite easily and got a lot of vocabulary out of it. I recommend showing the second video at the end of the class because it is quite spectacular! The accent is American too and they can compare. There is also a contradiction in the second story – do only the female crabs go to the sea, or the males too? So I asked them to listen for it, and the B2 class picked it up quite easily. I also rewrote the gap fill sentences for the lower class, which took about 5 minutes. There are only four people each class so that makes it a lot easier. All in all this was a really refreshing adaptable resource. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

    • says:

      I’m glad this lesson worked well with your students, Linda. It’s great to hear how you adapted it for lower levels. Next time I have a B1 class, I’m going to do the same! Thanks for letting us know how it went.

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