Nominations for the 2011 Edublog Awards

These nominations for the Edublog Awards are a thank you to some of the people who have inspired this blog and its bloggers for one reason or another.

Best individual blog

Best new blog      A journée in language

Best group blog

Best twitter hashtag     #eltpics

Best teacher blog

Best educational use of audio / video / visual / podcast

Best educational use of a social network     TeachingEnglish.BritishCouncil


Meet the Parents

What do a cat, an urn and a tall story have in common? They all feature in one of my favourite scenes from Meet the Parents, the highly entertaining, occasionally cringe inducing, sometimes laugh out loud funny story of a man who tries too hard to please his future parents-in-law.

This activity begins with a vocabulary game, leads on to some watching and listening, and finishes off with some pronunciation and prediction. And hopefully it will raise one or two laughs along the way.

photo by IITA Image Library on Flickr

Meet the Parents Teacher’s Notes

Meet the parents vocab

Meet the parents script

Steve’s Talk at TESOL France

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk. As promised, here’s the handout:

Tried and Tested TESOL France

My Blackberry Is Not Working

As a “mature” EFL teacher, I have fond memories of the classic comedy show “The Two Ronnies” on the BBC. Among their most famous sketches was one which took place in a hardware shop and is known simply as Four Candles. It was based entirely on complicated but very clever puns or double meanings. This week’s post is an updated version of that sketch starring the survivor of the original duo, Ronnie Corbett, but this time set in a fruit shop. It’s a little piece of scriptwriting genius, and I think I can guarantee that all students will get it from the brilliant opening exchange……

My Blackberry Is Not Working Teacher’s Notes

My Blackberry is Not Working Student Worksheet


I met Sophie Pietrucci, a teacher in Paris at  TESOL France at the beginning of November. She had also spotted the classroom potential of My Blackberry Is Not Working and made a worksheet, which you can find here:

My Blackberry Is Not Working by Sophie

Check out the space she has set up on nicenet (username and password: tesolswapshop) for teachers to share materials and links.

Thanks, Sophie!