Employable Me


MAIN ACTIVITIES collocations with impression, talking about work, watching clips from a documentary about job seekers with neurological conditions such as autism and Tourette syndrome.

SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, pre-advanced (B2.2) and above

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Ice Skating Penguins

David Cook Adelie Penguin

Adelie Penguin by David Cook is licensed under CCBY2.0

MAIN ACTIVITIES talking about learning how to do something new, collocations and pronunciation
SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, upper-intermediate (B2) and above

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Like last week, we’ve chosen another beautifully crafted video with spectacular images. Filmed by the production company Gnarly BayChoice is a visual poem which documents the filmmaker’s thoughts and emotions on a four-week holiday travelling around South Africa and Mozambique.

In class, students look at some collocations with the word choice, put them into practice in a speaking activity, and then work with the visuals before seeing the poem. Finally, we pull all the strands together when we watch the whole video and find out how the film got its name.

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