Steve’s Talk at TESOL France

Thanks to everyone who came to my talk. As promised, here’s the handout:

Tried and Tested TESOL France

The Walking Dead

In this lesson students watch two clips from the TV series The Walking Dead, which is based on the graphic novel of the same name. First, students predict the title of the TV series from the word cloud, which is made up of most of the words in this newspaper article . Then they test their observation skills by watching the first scene of the first episode and answering some true/false statements about it. The next task is to listen to a spoken description of a scene, note down key words, reconstruct and then watch the scene in order to identify the differences between the two. Finally, students talk about a scene from a TV series or film which sticks in their mind for some reason.



The Walking Dead Teacher’s Notes

Steve’s Talk at TESOL Spain

Here’s the handout from my talk at TESOL. Thanks to everyone who attended.

Tried and Tested Handout