| ˈaɪ ˈʃʊdə nəʊn ˈbetə |

This song has long been a guilty pleasure, and one that I feel I can admit to now that a reasonable amount of time (27 years!!)  has gone by. I originally just thought of using it for the nice chunks of colloquial language it contains, but then realised I could exploit it for  pronunciation purposes. Specifically, for those  “shoulda, coulda, woulda” phrases that students often have such difficulty saying quickly and convincingly. But of course it would also be a crime to use this song and not discuss the hilariously sartorially-suspect low-budget video……

There are two versions of the worksheet. This one uses translation from L1 to L2 in the first activity, in this case Spanish to English:

I shoulda known better Teacher’s notes L1 version

I shoulda known better Student Worksheet L1

And this is the English-only version:

I shoulda known better Teacher’s notes L2 version

I shoulda known better Student Worksheet L2

Graffiti Safety First

This video sequence, which rapidly went viral, is a brilliantly conceived idea with a strong emotional impact. It’s perfect for eliciting language – both to describe what’s happening and how it makes us feel. It was part of a road safety campaign which also involved graffiti artists, so this lesson plan uses both topics and combines art, article and advert.

Graffiti Safety First Teacher’s notes

Banksy Images

Roa Images

newspaper article

Embrace Life Image