Tea on TV

For our final tea-themed post this month, we’re looking to exploit the artistic and creative talents of our students. They’ll be storyboarding an ad using some of the the same elements that appear in this actual commercial from Japan, which they don’t get to see until the end. Hopefully, it’ll be as surprising as it is funny…

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes.


The Tea Song

For our second tea-themed post this month, we have another break-up, but this time all is well as there’s a cuppa at hand for the spurned lover. It’s a catchy song from a very funny ad that was filmed in just one take. Watch out for the zombie ending…

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes.

Tea Leaves

Our drink of choice at allatc is definitely tea  – and not just because it rhymes with the name of the blog! So we’ve decided to dedicate our posts this month to the king of hot drinks, starting with this classic ad. Feel free to do them all as a thematically-linked set, or to dip in and out as the mood takes you. But always with a drop of milk and a biscuit…

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