Employable Me


MAIN ACTIVITIES collocations with impression, talking about work, watching clips from a documentary about job seekers with neurological conditions such as autism and Tourette syndrome.

SUITABLE FOR teens and adults, pre-advanced (B2.2) and above

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes.


8 Comments on “Employable Me”

  1. english1610 says:

    Hi there. I have tried to change the email address on which I receive your posts in Manage Subscriptions. The change seems to have worked but then I got a message saying “you are not actively following any blogs”. I wonder if you could confirm the change from this address

    cmmacnamara@iespedrodeluna.es (my account here will soon be closed)



    Thanks in advance and thanks too for your great posts.

    Best regards,

    • All.at.C says:

      Hi and you’re welcome 🙂
      We can’t see your email address. It seems that you’re subscribed as a wordpress follower and your email address is kept private. Hope the change works – if you get an update from us after the summer holidays, it has. If not, you could try signing up as an email-only follower.
      Best wishes

  2. Shelly says:

    Great stuff, once again!

  3. Thanks for this great lesson. I have tried this with adults and teens of intermediate and advanced levels and it has gone down well each time; bringing up some fascinating discussions. I also found this useful for using language of speculation, and also for introducing new vocabulary and a few new interesting expressions.

  4. Ana says:

    Hi! Where is the link to the video? Thanks

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