Dog to Lion

close up photo of lion s head

Photo by Alexas Fotos on

Now that we’re all teaching online, here’s a lesson plan that can be used on Zoom (or any platform with chat and breakout rooms). It’s suitable for teens and adults, B2 and above.

Click here for the Teacher’s Notes and here for the PowerPoint.




9 Comments on “Dog to Lion”

  1. sharon says:

    On a lark, I clicked on your site to see if you uploaded anything recently. This is beautiful… and it was like xmas (post-Easter). Some of your lessons are ranked among my favorites (meaning my students’ favorites). Thanks again!

  2. Susana says:

    Thank you so much! it’s great to see new lessons and this so helpfull for us now that we have to teach online. Beautiful one. Thank you so much

  3. Susana says:

    Hello there!!!
    Have you planned any Christmas lesson for this year? They are so beautiful!!!
    I miss them!!
    Thank you again!

    • says:

      Hi Susana! I’m not sure if I’ll have time this year. I moved flat at the weekend and am surrounded by unpacked boxes 🙂

      • Susana says:

        Oooh! 😔 I will miss it! but I know it takes so much time! Anyway, I will keep coming back to this blog to see if there is something new. Thank you and enjoy your new flat!

  4. Susana says:

    Hi there!
    Will you upload any Xmas lesson plan this year? my students are asking for them all the time because they are their favourites!!
    Thank you!

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