This lesson starts off with a brilliantly edited video mash-up; Dutch filmmaker Matthijs Vlot took Lionel Richie’s 1984 hit Hello and mashed it up with short clips from a number of Hollywood films so that the words in the clips synch perfectly with the song lyrics.

Students have to count, chat, listen and write in class before going home to watch the original video of the song, which was voted worst music video of all time in a survey by music channel The Box. In the next class, students say what they thought of the video and then watch the Starburst commercial (just because it’s funny).

Hello Teacher’s Notes


6 Comments on “Hello”

  1. evaguti says:

    Hi Steve
    Just thought I’d drop by and let you know how well this lesson plan worked with my Int Ss. I did it as you told me, cutting the lines up into single words with the line numbers, just like a jigsaw puzzle, and getting them to put the words in order to make the lines. They certainly had a great time working in groups, watching the videos and reordering. Besides, as I had been introducing them to reported speech, I added an extra step while checking/ eliciting their final versions i.e. making them report what he said and work out all the necessary changes. Thank you so much for this fun lesson plan 🙂


    • All.at.C says:

      Thanks for your feedback, Eva. Glad to hear that the activity worked well. I like the reported speech stage that you added, and will be borrowing that from you next time I do the activity!

  2. eslnotes says:

    hi thanks great lesson plan.

    fyi there seems to be 37 different films, 4 films repeated a couple of times each and one film repeated 3 times.



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