Monty the Penguin – a Christmas lesson plan

MAIN AIMS Talking about the past and present, storytelling, vocabulary acquisition

SUITABLE FOR Teens and adults, Intermediate (B1) and above

This lesson plan is inspired by Jamie Keddie’s videotelling idea.

Click here for a pdf of the Teacher’s Notes.




Video 1

Video 2

If you want lesson plans based on John Lewis adverts from other years, check these out:

The Hare and the Bear (2013)

The Snowmen (2012)

Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want (2011)



2 Comments on “Monty the Penguin – a Christmas lesson plan”

  1. Rebeccah Rothwell says:

    Thank you for a couple of lovely Christmas lessons. I love this blog. I have been in EFL for more than 20 years and have used plenty of video during that time. When I first started out it was fast forwarding and rewinding big video tapes so it has changed so much… I find video a motivating resource for students and feel it offers more realistic listening practice than disembodied voices on coursebook CDs. Interesting to read that you are based in Madrid, as I am in Catalunya. I have prepared plenty of video worksheets but as they stand they would need some notes to be used in class. I guess (back to the days of writing DipTEFLA style lessons) if I ever have TIME, then maybe I could share them here?

    • says:

      Hi Rebeccah
      Thanks for your comment and apologies for the delay in replying. We’ve had an unintentionally long break from the blog….
      Glad you like the activities and do let us know if you want to share a lesson plan here.
      Btw, I remember the days of forwarding and rewinding video tapes well 🙂

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